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Product & Supplier Sourcing

Melange already works with more than 70 suppliers across different product areas. These suppliers range from small to large setups. But our main emphasis is working with small to medium enterprises who bring something Unique  to their product offering. We do not look for the lowest cost manufacturer, but find the most Value proposition supplier. 

We work with suppliers across the length and breadth of the country in India and also have supply bases in Bangladesh and even in Afghanistan.

Design Trends

We believe that to key to being ahead in the business is understanding the consumers taste and preferences and how these choices are affected by the different trends that prevail. That’s why Melange team spends considerable hours in scouting and checking out the trends on the web and also subscribes to trend design websites. Apart from this we visit various fairs to get an understanding on where the trends are directing to. This knowledge helps us in not only guiding our suppliers , but also enables us to provide designs and swatches based on these trends to our clients that enables them to make a quicker decisions.

Product Development

Melange continuously works with  its suppliers and keeps developing new designs and products. This enables us to keep feeding our clients with newness at regular intervals. Apart from this we also develop product ranges based on customer specific developments.
One of the key input that we give to our suppliers at the time of product development is that the product being developed needs to be offered at a certain “Value” point and most importantly it needs be “Unique”.

Price Negotiation

The price negotiation managed based us is  based on the Product value point and we ensure that we enlighten our clients with the intrinsic value of the product and that this value is paid to supplier. We believe that we have to be fair to the supplier and also ensure that our client is able to make a margin that enables him to offer a Value offer to his end customer.

Production & Quality Management

At Melange , we ensure that order & production is managed in a manner that our client feel that they are on the ground. Even before an order is booked , we send out production call outs and once order is booked, production planning and production trackers are sent every week , updating on the various stages of production. Every stage of the order is managed and updated to our clients. Along with this quality checks are conducted to ensure adherence to the laid parameters. From labelling ,packaging and testing requirements , we manage every step of the production process.

Logistics Mangement

Our team manages the logistics and documentation of every order and coordinates with clients shipping agents. This ensures that entire process from order placement to shipment shipped on board , is seamless and hassle free.

Social Audits & Compliance Guidance

The social audit and compliance becomes a barrier and hindrance to doing business when it comes to small suppliers and artisans as they simply cannot afford the cost associated to manage the paperwork and additional license for these compliances. We help in guiding these artisans and suppliers how they can manage basic paperwork without adding to their cost and ensure that we provide them opportunity to market their products and not let the audits become an hindrance. Melange ensures that we tell our clients on what compliances our suppliers have and what they do not have.

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