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About Us !

We are a supply chain management company based in India with an experienced team ,offering our clients support with sourcing, buying and production , logistics management  in the field of Lifestyle Products that includes homeware, Fashion Apparels and accessories. 

Melange was setup by its founders with more than 25 years of working in the trade, having been part of the manufacturing process in both homeware & apparels area along with managing the supply chain of retailers. During there years of working in this industry the founders experienced  the challenges that are involved for a customer in finding the right supplier that can not only understand the requirement of the customer and offer him not only the product but also the setup to produce the product. In most of the cases clients would have difficulty in getting the samples right as per their requirement and when the samples were right, to find the supplier didn’t have the setup that could produce the product legally and ethically! This becomes all the more challenging if you are a small business and suppliers start looking the other way. 

This is where Melange Comes into Play! Melange focuses on small to medium business who are either starting up or are on the way to growth trajectory wanting to find the right partners for their product needs. With our vast experience, we know what the trends are , we know what each market is looking for and we know what our suppliers can offer you. Thus we ensure that your valuable time is spent in developing products with the right suppliers rather than scouting them.

Over the last few years , we have also taken it upon ourselves to promote small suppliers who mainly work with artisans or are artisans themselves. As a business ,we can make a difference to their lives and these artisans produce the most beautiful products which involves tradition and knowledge passed over the centuries that are Sustainable and Green in the truest sense.

Our love for handicrafts, artisans and the desire to make a difference to everyone that we are associated with , is the driving force behind Melange Dzyns…and we are here to Source A Greener Tomorrow!

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